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Jindal Safety Consultancies and Engineering LLP has been serving the industries with specialized safety consultancy and training needs all over India. We are also taking care of facilitating safety equipment demonstrations and on-site/off-site trainings.We also take work towards spreading the awareness through face-to-face talk with workers, and demonstration with the updated safety gadgets in the market.

Many companies have appreciated our passion and work for the safety concept. With our experience we have learnt that safety can make a great profit in aspect of company's profit, continuity of clean work and reduce expenses of monetary and time.

About us IIST

At IIST, Safety is our Passion. We continuously to strive make a better and safer work Environment with regular Safety Trainings. We provide the best Safety Training in the Industrial Segment. Trainings are customized for different industrial segment and is based their needs on different work place and situation. We are an ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certified Company, certified to Provide Trainings.
We have our own safe training area to provide practical training with latest training gadgets. We have the most updated training gadgets to impart the best training and to easily explain our training which separates us from others.

Our Knowledge partners include KTC (Karam Training Consultancy) and Messer (Gas Cutting Systems).

We always try to maintain the realistic environment at our training center while training. So that our trainees are able to use the learning when the return to their work place and are able to apply their knowledge in case of any emergency and normal work at site. We also encourage our trainees to share their work experiences and always try to eliminate their work hassles with our superior experiences. We do site visits to take care of the work site problems and provide the best solutions for the safe working environment.

Our Mission

  • To Spread the Safety Awareness
  • To Change the Work Behavior.
  • To Increase Safe work knowledge of the Workers.
  • To provide the best Theoretical and Practical Trainings.
  • To provide the latest Safety Gadgets and Update their uses at work place.

Our Vision

To become the Best Service Providers to the Industries in every aspect of EHS Consulting, Audits, Professionals Resourcing, Fire and Safety Solutions and Industrial Safety Training. To be known as a service provider with a reputation of offering dedicated services which improve with your future need and deed.

Our Core Values

For IIST, safety always comes first. We see safety not as a business, but a responsibility. We are committed to our work, which is to maintain and innovate our safety trainings and consultancy services.


We believe in honesty and transparency in our work. We always maintain the pride and treat everyone with respect without compromising the truth and quality.

Diversity and Equality

We treat everyone as our work family and keep everyone together in aspect of any variation and diversity.


We ensure the health and safety of every client and employee with the legal requirements to maintain the social responsibility in every project we undertake.


We take responsibility for our company policies, our decisions and actions. At IIST, we ensuredelivery of nothing, but the best of services r our clients to maintain the accountability. We always maintain the responsibility given to us to maintain the good faith on us by our clients.