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Rescues Training for Emergency Response Team

  • Overview of Confined Space Entry Rescue
  • Basic Considerations for Rescue
  • Steps in Confined Space Rescue Process Rescue Team Organization and Management
  • Emergency response system for confined space emergencies
  • Duties of the Rescue Entrant(s) and Back-Up Rescue Entrant(s), Rescue Attendant, and Rescue Team Leader Sizing up existing and potential conditions at WAH & Confined Space emergencies Protecting Personnel from Hazards within the Confined Space
  • Monitoring Continuously, or At Frequent Intervals, the Atmosphere in All Parts of the Space to be Entered for Oxygen Content, Flammability [Lower Explosive Limit/Lower Flammable Limit (LEL/LFL)], and Toxicity, in that order Ensuring that Personnel are Capable of Managing the Physical and Psychological Challenges that Affect Rescuers Entering Confined Spaces